Frequently Asked Questions at Tiler Johannesburg

I want to keep my kitchen tiles, I do not want them replaced or taken out but they are old I want them new again can you guys help me?

If you are still keen in keeping your current tiles but they are old and lost it newly texture we first have to come and see the type of tile it is and if it is not damaged we will be able to help you by adding a tile cover over your current one there are a lot more designs you can choose from which last five years guaranteed.

What types of services do you guys provide?

We specialize in the following types of services:

  • Tile design
  • Tile manufacturing
  • Tile installing
  • Tile refurbishment
  • Tile covers
  • Tile replacement

We offer our customer various tile options they can choose from, our tile products lines are endless because we are not depend on another manufacturing company we produce everything ourselves.

Do you guys offer customized tiles?

We offer everything and anything you can think of about tiling. We manufacture tiles and design them in whatever shape or size or color we can do it all at unbeatable price

How long does it take you guys to Tile a whole house?

We tile a whole house in two days, depending on the size of the project and the hands on deck for the project but minimum duration is two to three days.